[Nakul Shah] Blockchain for Business with Hyperledger Fabric: A complete guide to enterprise Blockchain implementation using Hyperledger Fabric [ENG, 2019]

Chaincode in Hyperledger Fabric

Код лежит здесь (чтобы не копипастить из pdf):

The requirements are simple — we need to write a smart contract that will register the property details, change the ownership, query the property details, and execute a few other operations on the properties.

We are going to build an asset registry chaincode application that has the following common attributes linked to a property:

• Value of the property
• Owner of the property
• Property area
• Location of the property
• Type of property

Now, let’s understand what we want this chaincode to do:

  1. Create an initial ledger with some initial property details.
  2. Provide functionality to create more properties using the “Create a Property” function.
  3. Query the ledger for a property on the basis of property ID.
  4. Allow querying all the properties on the basis of indexes.
  5. Allow changing the owner of a property.


Deploying and testing the chaincode

$ npm i -g typescript

Терминал 1:

$ {
    docker stop $(docker ps -aq)
    docker rm $(docker ps -aq)
    docker system prune -a

$ cd /home/marley/projects/dev/hyperledger

$ curl -sSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/hyperledger/fabric/master/scripts/bootstrap.sh | bash -s 1.4.8

$ cd fabric-samples/chaincode

$ mkdir asset-registry
$ cd asset-registry

$ git clone https://github.com/SateDev/hyperledger_chaincode_asset_registry .

$ cd /home/marley/projects/dev/hyperledger/fabric-samples/chaincode-docker-devmode
$ docker-compose -f docker-compose-simple.yaml up

Не нужно ждать, можно сразу переключаться на другой терминал.

Терминал 2:

$ docker exec -it chaincode bash

# cd asset-registry
# npm install
# npm run build
$ npm rebuild
# npm run start -- --peer.address "peer:7052" "--chaincode-id-name" "asset-cc:0.1"
Command succeeded

2020-08-20T01:08:46.247Z INFO [lib/handler.js] Successfully registered with peer node. State transferred to "established"
2020-08-20T01:08:46.249Z INFO [lib/handler.js] Successfully established communication with peer node. State transferred to "ready"

Our chaincode is now listening for any requests for peers and bash containers in order to run operations.

Installing, instantiating, and invoking the chaincode:

Терминал 3:

$ docker exec -it cli bash

# peer chaincode install -p chaincode/asset-registry/ -n asset-cc -l node -v 0.1
2020-08-18 03:43:28.457 UTC [chaincodeCmd] install -> INFO 05c Installed remotely response:<status:200 payload:"OK" >

// Init
# peer chaincode instantiate \
    -n asset-cc \
    -v 0.1 \
    -l node \
    -c '{"Args":["initLedger"]}' \
    -C myc


// Найти по ID
# peer chaincode query \
    -n asset-cc \
    -c '{"Args":["queryAsset", "P100001"]}' \
    -C myc


// createProperty:
# peer chaincode invoke \
    -n asset-cc \
    -c '{"Args":["createProperty", "P100003", "howbe", "2838", "somehg", "asdf", "2323", "someowner"]}' \
    -C myc


// change the owner
# peer chaincode invoke \
    -n asset-cc \
    -c '{"Args":["changePropertyOwner", "P100003", "marley"]}' \
    -C myc


# peer chaincode query \
    -n asset-cc \
    -c '{"Args":["queryAsset", "P100003"]}' \
    -C myc


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